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Monday, October 16, 2006

Annotated bibliography from online:

1. Chung Pei Sin. 2004. The Investigation in Social Capital Operated by the Religious and Non-Profit Organizations in Taiwan : Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society As An Example. From Electronic Theses and Dissertations System: This is an article about investigation of social capital of Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society. The author mentions that mechanism in the process of policy-decision of organization in the end of this article. It may be useful to my research paper about the policy-decision. How the organization does the policy-decision to international assistance.

2. Lee Yo Lan. 2002. Activities of International Assistance in Taiwan’s NGO of case study: Tzu Chi Foundation. From Electronic Theses and Dissertations System: In this article, it mentions that the activities of international assistance in Tzu Chi. The author tries to find out the outcome and effect of international assistance after she did the survey. Therefore, it may be helpful.

3. Lin Mei Ling. 2004. A Case Study of Fo Guang Shan Foundation of Buddhism Charity Enterprise Development. From Electronic Theses and Dissertations System: There is one part in this article talking about the beginning of Tzu Chi Foundation and when Tzu Chi Foundation started to do international assistance. This will useful for my research about Tzu Chi’s international assistance history.

4. Mercy Corps. 2005. A Year Of Disasters :Accountability Report --Indian Ocean Tsunami. From Mercy Corps online: this annual report, the background, program activities, and financial accountability are mentioned. It will help me to know what Mercy Corps did and provided during the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

5. Tu Jan Ping. 2002. A Case Study of Tzu-Chi Foundation As a Logic of Collective Action Problem. Retrieved July 15, 2003, from eThesys Online: is about the collective actions, developing constant sense of mission and management strategies of Tzu Chi Foundation. The central value and management strategies of Tzu Chi Foundation may be useful to my research paper.


Blogger Fabian said...

Hey there, sounds as if you are doing a very interesting study.

Not so sure about what is the most important thing in Buddhism. Chinese Buddhism is a long way from the original.

Are researching for a Taiwan university, or an overseas university?

Good luck with your project.


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