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Sunday, October 15, 2006

assignment 4

Wang Shih Zun, Liou Zai Wu, Liang Yu Fen, Wang Cao Cyun. (2000). Crisis Handle of Case Study in 921 Earthquake. Taipei:Commonwealth Publishing Co., Ltd. These authors interview the government, Tzu Chi Foundation and so on. It is about the experience of 921 earthquake in Taiwan. The first article explains what the Tzu Chi did and gives examples of Tzu Chi people did in 921 earthquake. What reasons make Tzu Chi mobilization so quickly and immediately. The process of mobilization will be useful in my research.

Wu Mei Huei, Wu Zung Yon, Wu Sin Sian. (1995). The Theory and Practice of Volunteers System. Taipei:Psychology Publishing Co. It divides two parts in the book. The first part of this book explains the system and theory of volunteers. It includes definition, characteristic and innate character of volunteers, as well as the meaning of organization. The second part of this book is the real case study and discussion. The system and theory of volunteers will be discussed about how do the workers of NGOs assist victims and the central value of these volunteers have.

Wong Shu Ying, Cai Ming Dian collecte and translate. (2003). NGOs Handbook for United Nations Economic and Social Council. Taipei:National Youth Commission. In one part of this book, the introduction of Care International, the biggest non-religious privacy humanity organization in the world, expresses what Care does, what the goal is, and what the mission in the organization.

Maggie Black. (2003) (Hsu Heng Shu translate (2005). The No-Nonsense Guide to International Development. Taipei:Bookman Publishing Co. It divides four parts of international development. The first part tells us the beginning and definition of international development. The second part is the political competition people who get profits with people who are weak groups. The third is the advantage and disadvantage of economic development and social development. Finally, the targets of international development are in the future. The targets of international develpment will give the NGOs direction of future.

Tong Guei Shan. (2006, January). NGO report: The Spirit of Mercy Corps. PP.128-145.
Taipei:Rhythms Publishing Co. In this article, the author describes the history, beginning of the Mercy Corps, a Non-religious NGO, and how and what they mobilize in Indonesia to assist victims of tsunami by housing, water, food, and so on. This non-religious organization will be compared with the religious organization. Whether it is any different assistant process, goal from
others NGOs.


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This is just to remind you that your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography of your references. You're half way there. Please make the necessary updates/changes before I start grading your work.


I see that you have some notes on some of your references. It would be nice to see a complete work.

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