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Sunday, November 26, 2006

draft introduction

There are many NGOs (non-government organizations) to do humanitarian aid in the world. The largest religious NGO in Taiwan is Tzu Chi Foundation which has been forty years since 1966. Dharma Master Cheng Yen is the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation. Tzu Chi members observe the Master’s teachings, follow her steps, and diligently carry out the eight Tzu Chi missions of charity, medicine, education, culture, bone marrow donation, international relief, environmental protection, and community volunteers. The number of Tzu Chi member has grown to over millions compared to only thirty members in the beginning. It is generally believed that Master Cheng Yen influences numerous people to contribute their lives to help poor people in the society.

Sociologist Max Weber coined the term of charisma leadership, meaning pilgrims are look up to the leader as perfect as god. This theory is used by scholars to explain the blooming phenomenon in Tzu Chi Foundation, too. However, Master Cheng Yen is seventy years old now. I am curious that if Tzu Chi Foundation continues after Master Cheng Yen passes away. Will these volunteers continually dedicate their lives to promote the eight missions to work on peace? The purpose of this paper is to find out the loyalty of certificated volunteers, including Tzu Chi commissioners and Tzu Cheng Faith Corps members, and to give some suggestions about the Tzu Chi organization at the end of the paper. The questionnaires are spread to certificated volunteers in north, middle, and south of Taiwan. I predicate the result of members contributing to Tzu Chi Foundation in fifty-fifty chance. In other words, Tzu Chi Foundation keeps going but not thriving as nowadays.


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