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Sunday, November 19, 2006


1. On Master Cheng Yen’s advice, Ho has dedicated most of his time sine moving to Canada to establishing a North American beachhead for Cheng’s ideas as Tzu Chi literature puts it: To serve the needy and enlighten the rich.” There is certainly no shortage of needy in his adopted country. Ho’s example, meanwhile, has inspired an impressive number of other prosperous newcomers to share his vision of enlightenment through community service. Ho emphasizes that every dollar his members raise is spent directly on charity; members bear the cost of the group’s administration out of their own pockets. (Wood, C.)

In Wood, Chris’ article, Enlightenment Through Service, retrieved October 20, 2006, discusses the example of Ho who doing service in Tzu Chi’s Canada beachhead. Ho contributes his power and promotes other newcomers to help the poor as well as educate the rich through social service. He said that the principle charity of Tzu Chi is that the donated money is used in the poor directly. The disbursement of administration is paid by volunteers themselves.

2. 非營利事業的領導者幾乎都屬於魅力型,不管是宗教團體或非宗教團體,領導魅力的主要來源是宗教式的熱誠。宗教團體更不用說,因為該領導者對教義的闡揚有獨到之處,信徒對於他的說教認同,連帶的也對於其他的生活見解信任,因此,完全無條件尊奉他的指示與領導。(楊繡勳,2003)

In her article, Yon, Sho Shin, Tzu Chi Strategy Research of Internationalization for non-profit Religious Organizations in Taiwan—Example of Tzu Chi Foundation, publishing in 2003, due to the religious enthusiasm, the leaders in religious NGO or non-religious NGO belong to charisma. The followers in religious groups are not only identified the leader’s instruction, but also live up to their daily life.

3. 宗教情操是一個很重要的動力。雖然慈濟在國際援助的過程中,並沒有刻意強調宗教教義的闡釋或者肩負傳教的使命,但對許多慈濟人而言,證嚴法師及其所持的信念,的確是其在面對外界質疑的力量來源。(李幼嵐, 2002)

In Lee, Yo Lan’s article, The Activities of International Aid of NGO in Taiwan—Tzu Chi, publishing in 2002, religious sentiment is one of the important power to do social service through international relief in Tzu Chi. Even though Tzu Chi does not emphasis on the religious belief or does not preach religion painstakingly, the belief and behavior of Master Cheng Yen, for many Tzu Chi people, becomes the major spirit power to face the others critics.


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